What is a Tiny Home?

With the rise of modern rent, the complications of the modern world and a steep desire for less instead of more, the era of the tiny house is firmly upon us.

From the elite streets of suburbia all the way to third world countries, small dwellings are appearing in droves.

Some of these are elegantly crafted works of minimalist art while others still are efficient, financially responsible spaces to call home. It can be a bit of a challenge to fully understand the concept at first, but a little bit of an explanation will make sense of all of confusion that might arise.

But Where Do They Sleep?

A tiny home thrives on making simple answers to complicated questions. Tiny houses tend to feature full kitchens, a restroom, a sleeping area and often even a recreational space.

This is done with a little bit of thought, efficiency and general craftiness.

tiny home

In a tiny home, anything that can be stashed under, above or within another object tends to be preferred over bulky, clunky items. The spaces under a bed or atop the fridge are never wasted.

Rather than have high ceilings to store what is essentially air, the upper portion of a tiny house is converted into a loft area. These can even have televisions and monitors mounted into the ceiling for nighttime browsing and viewing.

Are These Legal?

Most tiny houses are perfectly legal, but certain restrictions apply from county to county. Lots of areas have no specific rules, but mid-sized and large cities tend to have strict regulations that make these slightly more challenging to get started.

Most cities have some form of way of allowing a smaller home to be developed, but the burden of fees and taxes will vary.

It is almost never explicitly illegal to develop a tiny home, but the complications can sometimes make it easier to simply move and build elsewhere than go through the hassle of a particular area.

Are They Safe?

As with any home, a tiny house is as safe as it was constructed to be. If they are well-built, they are perfectly safe. If they were developed in a skimpy, poor manner, they are less likely to be fully safe.

If anything, more care is typically put into the development of a tiny house because small problems require immediate fixes. When a house is small, it’s far more difficult to ignore glaring problems, so they must be planned for in advance.

How Much Do They Cost?

The price of a tiny house will always vary depending on the person that wants to build one. Some designs will use brick and mortar while others still will use recycled material. If you are looking for a more luxury style tiny home, the cost may be a little more, but still affordable.tiny house

The idea behind a tiny house is to simply match the preference of the person that would prefer to live in a smaller space. This could be to save money, but it could also simply be an accommodation of minimalism.

With intention, it’s certainly possible to push one of these to seven-figure territory, but that’s an extremely rare edge case. They can cost next-to-nothing if crafted with recycled material, so there’s a build for every budget.

Those are the basics of the tiny house. There’s plenty of depth and variety to these to explore, but this general breakdown should help anyone develop a firm confidence of what a tiny house is all about.

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